Zero Tolerance for Students Only

In the 10/18/17 Journal Times it was reported that the Principal of Jefferson Elementary School was placed on a a leave of absence for bringing a knife to school to protect herself. According to the story she opened the knife in the school lobby to show the custodian. When questioned by the police she reportedly said, “I have been trained to use a knife or I would not have one. I have the knife for protection.” Isn’t that nice. But it would have been nicer if she had been fired immediately instead of allowed to take a leave of absence.

That’s what Unified does to its students under their zero tolerance weapons policy. Years ago I remember when a young grade school boy was suspended for several days for bringing expended fireworks to school. Apparently on the way to school he found some already blown up firecrackers on the sidewalk, picked them up as young boys do, put them in his pocket and showed them off to his school friends. No mercy for him.

Another time I remember when a student who had achieved the rank of Eagle Scout was suspended for having a camp ax visible in his car. No mercy for him.

I know of another case when a straight A student who as an actor in the Racine Theater Guild’s production of On The Waterfront, forgot that one of the props needed for practice that night, a nunchucks, was in his backpack. Someone saw it, reported it, and he was immediately suspended just before graduation. No mercy for him either.

In another case I am aware of, an assistant principal at Horlick was advised to wear a bullet proof vest by the police because he had been threatened by a teacher. Was the teacher fired? Nope. He received mercy when they transferred him to Park.

Isn’t it nice to know that we are sending our children to schools in neighborhoods so dangerous that the principals feel a need to carry weapons to protect themselves? Isn’t it nicer to know that our principals and teachers are not held to the same zero tolerance weapons standard as their young charges?

I think Caledonia is right in their bid to break away from Unified and form their own school district. Hope it happens soon! The sooner the better!

Corey’s Story – Vol. 2

In today’s, 10/9/17, Journal Times, on page A5, there is a political ad by Corey Mason which says he wants to be open and honest with his political ads – no tricks. Then he proceeds to endorse the concept of a living wage of $15/hour espoused by Bernie Sanders, a self described socialist. Yup – that is what Racine needs – a socialist mayor. I don’t think so!

No – what Racine needs is a way to lure businesses like Foxconn to locate within our city limits. We certainly have lots of developable property; Machinery Row, the Walker lot, Steel Castings, etc. How about reduced property taxes for 10 years based on the number of jobs created and wages paid to any company locating here? Those vacant properties are not bringing in any property taxes right now anyway. Let’s fill up those dilapidated, ugly sites with bright new developments that create jobs.

For every job created in the tradable sector of the economy, another job is created in the non-tradable sector. By luring a company that will bring 1000 jobs in the tradeable sector, we are creating another 1000. The tradeable sector is that which produces a product which could be traded internationally. Local examples are SC Johnson, JI Case and the new Foxconn development. The non-tradeable sector is everything else that can not be traded such as electricity, restaurants, hotels, real estate, private and public services etc.

The workers in these jobs will spend and invest their money locally. They will buy houses and shop for clothing, groceries and other necessities. And as employees become scarce because everyone that wants to work is working, simple supply and demand will take over. Wages will rise as expected and will exceed any arbitrarily set minimum wage.

No – Racine does not need a socialist Mayor. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money.”

Say NO to socialism. Say no to Corey Mason.


Las Vegas Massacre

Last weekends massacre in Las Vegas has resulted in increased calls for new gun control laws especially the banning of bump fire stocks which were used by the deranged assailant. Bump fire stocks are legal. Basically they are spring operated trigger assists. Using one on a semi automatic weapon, which typically has a maximum fire rate of about 120 rounds per minute, will give it a fire rate almost equivalent to a fully automatic machine gun of about 800 rounds per minute. However no assault rifle available to civilians can sustain a fire rate that high for very long.

Firstly it would have to be belt fed. If not belt fed, the weapon would have to be reloaded after firing 20 or 30 rounds from a high capacity magazine. Reloading with another high capacity magazine even by a seasoned gun handler takes a second or two. At a rate of 800 rounds per minute, the gun fires 30 rounds every 2.5 seconds. So reloading takes almost as long as the actual shooting, effectively cutting your fire rate in half.

Secondly even if you could fire 800 rounds per minute, after a couple minutes the barrel would be so hot as to make the weapon useless. A high powered bolt action rifle with a good scope is much more effective. No one has suggested banning them.

NO! Bump fire stocks are not the problem. Most people, even most politicians, had never even heard of bump fire stocks until this last weekend. Even if they were against the law, by definition, anyone who would commit a crime like the atrocity in Las Vegas, will not obey the law – any law! CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW! They only obey force.

A friend of mine, Nathan Barton, who writes for a blog called, “The Price of Liberty”, has said that, “It is always appropriate to answer calls for disarmament by making it clear that our right to keep and bear arms is never on the table.” I agree with that. No compromise.

Please read his blog at




Guns and Democrats—Echoes

The following blog is from James Sisak.

In the hope of winning votes in next year’s gubernatorial election, Wisconsin Democratic legislators wasted no time after last Sunday’s horrific Las Vegas mass shooting to mount a strong push for new and more restrictive gun laws. Even though their reaction did not take long to materialize, their echoed arguments continue to blame inanimate objects for such human destruction and call for the elimination of our Second Amendment rights.

What the democrats and their media cohorts fail to address are the root causes of the problem such as societal decay, single parenthood, failing educational systems, moral depravation, and other societal evils. What the democrats will not admit is that their idiotic policies have contributed to these root causes.

There is no current gun law legislation or any proposed legislation for that matter that could have prevented the massacre in Las Vegas. Sadly, this thinking is foolish on their part and their constant mantra will continue to identify them as a political party that is void of viable solutions until the root causes have been corrected.

Jim Sisak

Public Transportation

My wife and I have been visiting my daughter, Katie, and her family in a suburb of Cleveland for the last week. While there we got to go to the first game of the American League Division Series  between the Indians and the Yankees. Because the stadium is in the center of the city and parking is exorbitantly expensive, we decided to park in an outlying lot and take the Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority train into the city.

It was my first experience with urban rail. It is very convenient, clean, comfortable, safe, and cheap. As seniors, my wife and I could ride one way for $1.25 each. I was impressed. At a minimum it would have cost $20 to park several blocks away from the stadium. And according to the IRS mileage allowance of 53.5 cents per mile, it would have cost another $15 in gas, maintenance and depreciation to drive my own car.

I wanted to see how the RTA can sell such a good service so cheap. All government entities have to file financial statements that are publicly available on line. I found those for the RTA which includes their buses and trains. WOW!

The RTA incurred an operating loss in 2016 of $262 million on passenger fares of $47 million. That means it cost $215 million more to operate the system than they took in in revenue. The difference came from the taxpayers and debt.

There is a dedicated sales tax of 1% in Cuyahoga County for the RTA that brought in $219 million n 2016. The RTA also received grants from the federal government of almost $50 million and another million from the state of Ohio. That means every taxpayer in the country helps fund the Cleveland RTA. And without doing the research I think I can safely say that every taxpayer in the country helps fund public transportation in all the major urban areas of America.

The question becomes, is that right? Should the taxpayers of Little Town, USA, be financially supporting the convenience of big city commuters? In fact should the taxpayers of rural Cuyahoga county be supporting those who ride the buses and trains of Cleveland proper? The answer should be a resounding NO! If it costs more to operate these systems than what the riders think it is worth in fares, they should be discontinued immediately. Milwaukees folly trolley – NO! Chicagos EL – NO! New York Subway – NO! San Francisco’s BART – NO NO NO to all of them!

NO to the Racine transit system also. Last year it cost almost $10 million to run the Racine bus system and it took in only about $1.5 million in fares. Taxpayers contributed the rest.

I suppose a case can be made for public transit systems with arguments of public policy or reduced congestion, reduced carbon footprint, etc., etc., etc. But it is my opinion that a case can never be made for publicly funding them. If they cannot support themselves, they should be shut down!

And all of this is not even considering the fact that the property these train lines sit on is tax exempt as a public system. Not only are the taxpayers cheated by having to support a system they do not use, they are cheated out of the taxes these properties would have generated if owned and developed privately.

Let’s rethink the way we move our citizens in urban areas making sure that whatever we do supports itself and does not become a drag on our limited public finances. If you want to cut taxes, here is a place to start.


Trouble in Spain. Can it happen here?

Catalonia, a region is Spain which includes Barcelona, recently held a referendum on declaring independence from the mother country. I am not sure what all the complaints are but it really does not matter. All people everywhere have the right to determine how to be governed and by whom. Our Declaration says so. It is woven into the fabric of American life. Not so apparently in Spain.

During the election the national police showed up in force armed with truncheons and rubber bullets, confiscated ballot boxes, and were photographed,  “…dragging people out of polling stations by the hair, throwing some down stairs, kicking them and pushing them to the ground.” 800 Spanish citizens were injured by their own police. All this because some judge ordered the referendum stopped after the Spanish government declared it illegal and unconstitutional.

You know, it all sounds pretty familiar – circa 1776. It happened here once. It has happened in lots of places, this being the number one reason our founders saw fit to include a right to bear arms in our Bill Of Rights, to protect individuals from their own governments abuse of power and encroachment of individual liberty. Could it happen here again? Possibly. Especially if we the people allow those who would strip the us of our right to defend our persons, property and families with appropriate firearms, get their way

In Spain it is pretty much illegal for the average citizen to possess firearms. It is the responsibility of the state police force to provide protection for the citizenry. They are not expected to protect themselves. In fact the Spanish Law on Private Security provides that the security of the population is guaranteed by the public authorities. Sounds to me like someone is trying to sell water to a walleye.

So back to my question, can this happen here? Or should I ask can it happen here again? Not with an armed, vigilant citizenry ready to defend their rights to self determination. Next question. Are we ready?

Good Golly MS. Lollie by James Sisak

Note by Dave Kristopeit – On occasion I will publish letters from other members of the community. This is one of those occasions.

At the RUSD Board meeting on Monday September 25th, the Board authorized that a letter be sent to our area congressional legislators supporting new legislation for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). It was strongly supported by five Board members and would be signed by Superintendent Lollie Hawes.

In 2012, the Obama administration created DACA with one of his executive orders after Congress was unable to pass a law protecting children of undocumented immigrants from deportation. In early September, President Trump announced plans to rescind Obama’s executive order and directed Congress to develop a solution to the problem. What people fail to realize is that Obama’s executive order was illegal in the extent that only Congress has the power of writing laws on immigration. Apparently, the members of the RUSD Board are uninformed of these facts.

While the RUSD Board is spending their time writing letters to congressional legislators, students in our district have English scores almost 20 points lower and math scores 21 points lower than the state average for the 2016-17 school year. Our students are also at the bottom of the list of the school districts in the county. Is it any wonder that Mount Pleasant and Caledonia are seeking to establish their own school districts?

What Superintendent Lollie Hawes and the RUSD Board should be focused upon is solving our educational problems and not getting involved in political matters.

Corey’s Story

Even though I do not live in the city limits, I have been following the special Mayoral election campaign. I noticed in today’s Journal Times that there were several Letters to the Editor in support of Corey Mason. There were so many that one might think it was an organized letter writing campaign. The Journal can publish what they want. And leave out what they don’t. Whatever!

In one it was mentioned that over 20 local unions endorse his candidacy. That’s all fine and good but are you city residents voting for a union or for a Mayor? If I was going to support a candidate based on any endorsement, I would have to know what the agenda of the endorsing group is. I would also have to know if the endorsing group interviewed both candidates for the position or if they chose whom they will endorse based only on political affiliation and not on the candidates platform. Another thing I would need to know is what percentage of the membership of the group voted to endorse the candidate. I could never support any candidate based simply on endorsements he or she has received. Endorsements mean nothing without knowing more.

I also noticed in the Letters column that one writer suggested Mason will create jobs. No politician ever, anywhere, at any time, has ever created a job – not even one. Jobs are created by private investment. Politicians can create a climate of cooperation between their community and potential entrepreneurs which can encourage job creation. But ultimately it is private investment that creates jobs.

Racine Residents – Please consider your choices well. Study the candidates platforms. Attend rally’s. Ask questions. Think before you vote. Do not base your vote simply on endorsements one of the candidates has received.

Don’t Flag Me Down!

I don’t understand the hoopla about the NFL players who refuse to stand hand over heart for the National Anthem. I respect the flag. I personally stand for the Anthem. I know what it represents. Thousands upon thousands of men and women died to protect its ideals since 1776. My dad fought in WW2. I have friends, classmates and relatives who died or were injured in Vietnam.

But this is about free speech as far as I see. You cannot have it both ways. If you have a right to your opinion, these players must have a right to theirs. No where is it written that anyone has to stand for the Anthem. No court has ever ruled that we must stand. It is not in the Constitution nor Bill of Rights. Nor in any founding documents. It is tradition.

And then there is the risk that attacking this practice will give it a voice in the media and public eye. That is exactly what has happened in this case and now this practice which probably would have disappeared by now for lack of participation, is getting bigger and bigger. Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay QB, has asked all fans, at Thursday nights game against the rival Bears, to stand and lock arms in a show of unity. I like Aaron Rodgers but I wish he would stick to football.

The best we can do to these fans and players that refuse to stand is to ignore them. Don’t give them a leg to stand on. Pun intended.


Our Incompetent Legal System

Joseph Jakuboski, a Wisconsin man, was convicted today of robbing a Janeville, WI gun shop of weapons and silencers. A nation wide manhunt was organized costing taxpayers untold wealth, to find this madman. After convicting Jakuboski, the foreman of the Jury was quoted as saying, “I don’t know why we are here. Jakuboski confessed to stealing the weapons and sending a rambling manifesto to President Trump. His attorney agreed. It is all a waste of time.”

Dats a fact Jack! Aren’t most legal proceedings a waste of time? Don’t we usually know who is guilty and who is innocent before the fact? Hillary was guilty. Put her in Jail. So was her husband. Lock him up. And Nixon. And so also all the Illinois politicians like George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and Dan Rostenkowski. And so was Ted Kennedy, and HR Haldeman and Charles Colson and so on and so on and so on. When you come right down to it, are there any honest politicians? Throw them all in jail.

Why do we need a trial anyway?

I personally would never give up our system of trial by a Jury of our peers. Only through trial can a legal system wrought with corrupt politicians having greed as a motive be beaten by the average man on the street. There is a concept in Western law called Jury Nullification in which a Jury in spite of any instructions from the Judge to the contrary, can nullify any law, find any man innocent for any reason, without any possible consequences to themselves. The Judge can do nothing about it. And once found innocent, no man can be tried again.

But our Judges are reluctant to instruct Jurors about the power they possess to rid our country of bad law. Why? I think it is obvious. Judges as part of the system protect their power. Every person in government wants power – power to tax, power to control, power to limit private initiative, power to limit what a man can do with his own lawfully acquired property. Take this power away and he becomes a common man. Pity the poor Judge. He ends up just like us.

If anyone reading this post ever serves on a jury, please remember the concept of Jury Nullification. Serve with honor. Serve with pride. And please remember you as a Juror have the ultimate power, the power to judge the law, the facts, the evidence, EVERYTHING!

For information about your rights as a Juror, please visit