Muslim Violence

Last week in an attack by Muslim extremists on a Mosque in Ismailia Egypt, 305 worshipers were killed including 27 children. The attackers pulled up in SUV’s, took positions outside the doors and windows and opened fire as the Imam began his sermon raining bullets and hand grenades on the helpless faithful. Then just as methodically as a butcher carves a roast, these butchers checked the bodies laying in the rubble. Any signs of life were met by another bullet.

This attack was a war crime for certainly this battle was fought during the longest lasting war in history, the war of Muslim against Muslim, Sunni against Shi’ite against Sufi against Baha’i. Still its adherents call it a, “Religion of peace.”

While carrying out their dastardly deed the militants carried a banner which proclaimed, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.” This same banner could have just as easily graced the interior of the Mosque. Like I said, Muslim against Muslim. And they call us Satan. They call us infidels.

Why is the American military involved in this war? In Afghanistan? In Niger? In Iran and Iraq and Saudi Arabia and wherever else Muslim fights Muslim? Why are our tax dollars protecting the fortunes of Muslim Kings and Ayatollahs? Why is our soldiers blood being spilled in this centuries long battle where the death of innocents by fellow Muslims is commonplace, where women are a commodity, where Sharia law is preeminent?

Stop this nonsense now! They will continue to butcher each other whether we are there or not. So let’s not be there. We do not need their oil. We certainly do not need their sand. What could we possibly need that they have?

Bring our boys home now!




Race Scene

A recent Wall St Journal article identified Racine as the 4th worst city for blacks in the country. The survey cited used socioeconomic data from the US Census Bureau including household income, poverty, adult high school and bachelor degree completion, home ownership and unemployment. I believe this is an example of the old adage, “Figures don’t lie. Liars figure.”

When you look at these kinds of socioeconomic data, you can always prove a preconceived conclusion if you manipulate the data enough – or if you don’t look at all the data and just concentrate on that data which proves your preconceived conclusion.

For instance, in Mississippi in 2015, Asian Americans earned $55,457 on average. Pacific Islanders and Hawaiians earned $47,928, and white Americans earned only $43,469. It could be concluded that whites are being discriminated against in Mississippi. Of course that conclusion is politically incorrect and does not fit the story the media wants to tell. And besides, that is not a valid conclusion even based on the data. Neither is the conclusion that blacks are discriminated against in Racine.

One of the factors considered in the WSJ article is education levels of various races. If there are fewer blacks that have completed Racine’s high schools it would stand to reason that fewer blacks have college degrees in Racine also. Why would fewer blacks finish high school? Do they have the same opportunity as whites in our high schools? If in fact they do, which seems so, then why are they not taking advantage of those opportunities? And if they are not taking advantage of those opportunities, is that prima facie evidence of discrimination? Absolutely not!

The only thing that can be concluded here based on the data examined is that if more blacks finished high school and attained a college degree, the difference in wages would disappear.

In my mind all of the other data being considered such as home ownership, income levels and poverty are all dependent on education levels. Educated people – white, black, Spanish, Italian, German, Asian, etc. – make more money than non educated people. They also own more homes and better homes.

I am tired of seeing these types of surveys being used to justify more big government programs on top of those already in place – food stamps, income assistance, earned income tax breaks, rent assistance, tuition assistance, heating assistance, etc. etc. etc. I am tired of being taxed to help people who won’t help themselves no matter what their color, nationality, religion, or any other factor that can identify them as a minority. In fact I am tired of the term minority. We are all minorities of one.

I am a minority of one. I belong to no group. I want nothing from anyone else except the opportunity to advance my status through education and hard work. I expect to be treated as ME, not as some person belonging to a government identified discriminated group. I also will not treat anyone else other than as a minority of one. No one is special just because they are black or white or gay or a woman or because they belong to a group wanting special privileges.

This country is worse off for our preoccupation with identifying groups supposedly needing the heavy hand of government help. It is time to say put up or shut up. Get a degree. Stop complaining. And stop asking government to help.

NRA – Robots or Not

In a recent letter to the editor of the Racine Journal Times, Frank Egerton, PhD and retired History professor at Parkside and anti gun crusader, wrote the letter below. I responded. He responded. Etc. The thread follows:

What more can be said about gun control? Just this: 5 million NRA members, having limited education, vote as NRA tells them. However, they are victims of phony baloney propaganda.

NRA says any new gun laws would be steps on the slippery slope of government seizing all private guns. In the first place, seizing all of them would be impossible, and no politician is stupid enough to think otherwise. NRA says further that private guns prevent a tyrannical government from coming to power. For such a tyrannical plot to work, would-be tyrant would have to have police and armed forces taking orders to end American democracy. Probably most NRA members are veterans. How can they believe such forces would take orders to destroy their own democracy? Every politician knows this. It is time for NRA members to learn it.

NRA members need to find a less biased authority to tell them how to vote than Wayne La Pierre.

Frank N. Egerton

My response:

I certainly expect more from a PhD in History than using grade school stereotypes to categorize the 5 million members of the NRA when in the 11/14 Journal Times Frank Egerton said they have “…limited education.” Shame on him.

Was John F Kennedy of limited education? How about the other 8 Presidents who have been members? How about John Lott, PhD in economics who has taught at Yale and the University of Chicago? How about Dr Ben Carson? How about all the other Doctors and lawyers and judges who are members?

The NRA membership is vastly representative of the US population in general. All occupations, races, genders and education levels are represented. There is no prototypical NRA member.

Mr Egerton may have earned a PhD in history but he has earned an F when it comes to understanding the membership makeup of the NRA.

David Kristopeit

His response:

In my book (which I may finish this year) I explain that politicians join NRA as part of their qualifications for office.  As best I can see, they have no impact on NRA policy, and they do not let NRA tell  them how to vote.


My response:

Have you seen the list of the BOD for the NRA – those that influence policy? It includes 4 or 5 doctors, full professors, former state and federal legislators, businessmen, actors, musicians, and civil rights leaders like Roy Innis. Are these the people of limited education you are talking about? No one joins the NRA to qualify for office. It is silly for you to say so. And it is absolutely appalling to think that a man of your education would so stereotypically categorize NRA membership….Dave


His response:

If well-educated members had influence on NRA, it would not propagate such phony baloney, which anyone should be able to identify as such.


PS What about the substance of my letter?


My final response:

The substance of your letter? Which part? The part where you say that the NRA claims that the 2nd amendment prevents a tyrannical government from coming to power? Actually our founding fathers were the first to say that. Not the NRA.
Or the part where you claim that most NRA members are veterans? Please cite your source. Because the NRA does not gather that information in its membership application. We do know however that only 23% of our board members are vets.
Mr Egerton, whatever “Substance” you had in your letter was destroyed by your stereotyping NRA membership as stupid robots who do as they are told. There is no substance after that.


And so it goes. He is a controller. He wants all people to get in line with his politically correct opinion. And he wants the force of government behind him to threaten, to tax, – at the hand of the military – to demand that all robots obey and give up their guns. “Can’t we just all get along?”

Will you obey? “Dave. Dave. Is that you?”, says HAL. But I say, “Dave’s not here man!”

Politics and Sex

We have all heard of the allegations of sexual indiscretions and misconduct against Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore. Several women have said he engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with them when they were as young as 14. Now Senator Cory Gardner, head of the Senate Republican Campaign Arm, has said that the Senate should vote to expel Moore if he should win the election, “…because he does not meet the ethical and moral requirements of the United States Senate.”

What ethical and moral requirements are we talking about here? Are we talking about letting Bill Clinton, a sitting president, stay in office after having oral sex in the Oval Office with his 22 year old intern, Monica Lewinsky?

Or are we talking about President John F Kennedy having an affair with Marilyn Monroe? Or of his brother, Ted Kennedy, who killed Mary Jo Kopechne while driving drunk and then left the scene of the accident?

What about Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), who was reprimanded by the House for fixing 33 parking tickets for Steve Gobie, a male escort who lived with Frank and claimed to have conducted an escort service from Frank’s apartment without his knowledge?

And to show no political democratic bias, what about Congressman Newt Gingrich,  leader of the Republican Revolution of 1994, who resigned from the House after admitting in 1998 to having had an affair with a staffer while he was married to his second wife, and at the same time he was leading the impeachment of Bill Clinton for perjury regarding an affair with his intern Monica Lewinsky?

Sexual allegations are not rare in Washington. They are the norm. Now if the allegations against Roy Moore are true, I believe he should not serve in any capacity in governement. Neither should any other office holder or candidate for any office anywhere.

But if we eliminated all the candidates from office who have had affairs or indiscretions, would anyone be left?

Wait a minute! Maybe we have just hit upon something here. No candidates – no politicians – NO PROBLEM! Let’s get rid of them all and begin self rule. Some people call that anarchy. I say it cannot be any worse than we have now but the taxes will be a whole lot less.




Political Dynasty on the Horizon By James Sisak

A word of caution to all of the voters in the Racine area, the announcement made by twenty-six year old Greta Neubauer to seek the Assembly seat of Cory Mason leads me to believe that Racine could be on the verge of establishing a political dynasty akin to the Clinton’s. In addition to being a protégé of Cory Mason, Greta Neubauer is the daughter of former state representative Jeff Neubauer and Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer who was appointed by Jim Doyle in 2007.

My thinking is that if Greta would be successful in winning Mason’s Assembly seat, it would be a way for Mason to remain connected with state government and apply his influence in Madison while being the mayor of Racine. This should be the concern of everyone in the 66th Assembly District. Greta already seems to be echoing Mason’s issues and programs, primarily strengthening schools and increasing employment. However, democrats usually are a “day late and a dollar short” when it comes to initiating and working on issues that will benefit their constituents. Governor Walker continues to succeed in these areas and it appears that Greta is willing to take the credit similarly to Cory Mason and other area democrats.

Another concern that voters need to be aware of is how much influence her parents might have over Greta’s decision making as she works as a state representative. As I recall, Jeff Neubauer had a lackluster political career, but with his daughter in state government, the opportunity for political influence exists.

Is this the kind of representative government that voters of Racine want to have or even deserve?

Jim Sisak

The Ghost Rises Once Again! by James Sisak

Governmental taxing programs never seem to die, but continue to be transfigured into another scheme to confiscate our hard-earned dollars. It was in 2011 that the State Legislature buried the discussion about Regional Transit Authorities. Today, the ghost of the RTA is about to rise again from the grave.

During the past week, community leaders began discussing the possibility of developing a regional transit system to support the Foxconn manufacturing campus, Grandview Industrial Park, other businesses throughout the I94 corridor, and extending beyond into Racine County as future needs arise.

According to Jim Palenick, Racine City Administrator, “What this really cries out for is a transit authority that can generate revenues from a much wider basis than a single, older urban core city that is taking on the burden for all of the areas around it.” Operative words and phrases in Palenick’s statement are: “authority,” “generate revenues,” and “wider basis.” Translated, the RTA would be a governing board of appointees that would be able to determine the tax rate, the types of transportation needed, and who will be taxed into supporting the transportation system in the region. Keep in mind that the cost of any such system will never be able to be self-supporting without millions of tax dollars from the Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Waukesha areas. Milwaukee’s Mayor Barrett would be strongly supportive of a RTA because it would be a source of tax revenue that would help pay for his trolley. Do Racine and Kenosha taxpayers really want to pay for his folly?

In another article that appeared in the Racine Journal Times last week, the city bus system, “Ryde,” had approximately 1.3 million riders. I do not know how accurate this ridership figure is because the reporter did not indicate how it was determined. According to the article, the cost of the Ryde system to the city is $9.8 million dollars annually. Using these figures, the cost per ride is $7.54. After factoring out an approximate rider fare of $1.50, taxpayer subsidies are approximately $5-6.00 per ride. (Since there are a number of different price levels, I estimated the average cost per ride.) However, when I am driving around the city, I often see empty buses with only an occasional rider or two. The city bus system is broken and suffers from poor management and needs to be overhauled. Since we are always going to have some sort of public transportation system in Racine, Ryde system management needs to focus on reducing operating costs and revising bus schedules to help stabilize the system.

Since when is it the responsibility of the taxpayer to provide our fellow citizens with the means to go to work? The jobs at Foxconn are expected to average $50, 000 per employee. With this kind of salary level, shouldn’t workers be responsible to pay for their own ride to and from work? How about negotiating transportation costs with Foxconn or maybe even having workers fund the full cost of their transportation. Since Foxconn is a huge conglomerate, maybe they could provide a busing system for their employees.

Even though it might be necessary to have a modest public transportation system, it should not be designed to confiscate additional dollars from the local citizenry. I also question the establishment of a regional transit authority that would have an appointed board. We are still dealing with Racine County taxes going to Miller Park. Does anyone remember how many times this tax was to have expired?

Beware of the RTA Ghost!!!

Jim Sisak

I was confused – which Congress are we talking about?

I thought my readers might like this blog from Nathan Barton. If you like it, please subscribe to The Price of Liberty.

The Price of Liberty

By Nathan Barton

Eagle Rising reports that Nancy Pelosi says that the Congress’ sexual harassment system needs to be changed, after recent reports that for years (apparently 20 or more), there have been Congresscritturs sexually harassing each other and staffers. (No report on whether they did anything to lobbyists.)

Honestly, this comes as a bit of a shock, and I had to make sure that Eagle Rising wasn’t channeling The Onion or National Lampoon.  The article also reports that a bill has been introduced in the Senate to require sexual harassment training for all – or at least all new Senators and Members of Congress.

First, (and we double-checked), Nancy Pelosi was once (up until 2010, in fact) the boss: the Speaker of the House.  If this problem has been going on for twenty years, why didn’t she fix it when she was in charge?  And if she wouldn’t/couldn’t, then…

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In a recent report from the Annie Casey Foundation, Wisconsin was listed as having the largest wellness gap in the nation between African American children and white children. The index score for African American children in Wisconsin was 279. For whites it was 762.

On first glance it would seem to be a damning declaration of racial disparity. Said Ken Taylor, executive Director of Kids Forward, “We are not going to be successful as a state if we leave an increasing portion of our state behind and further from opportunity.”

The report based its conclusion on such statistics as high school graduation rates, children who live in a 2 parent household, the number of children living in poverty, etc. Taylor was quoted as saying, “We need to invest in kids through high quality education at all levels from cradle to career.”  But before we “invest” more in education we need to know where Wisconsin stands in per pupil spending against other states.

In another report, this from the US Census Bureau regarding public education finances in 2013, it showed Wisconsin spending $11,071 per pupil in elementary and secondary education. Twenty one states spent more than Wisconsin and 28 spent less. Utah was the state that spent the least in this category at $6,555 per pupil. New York spent the most at $19,818 per pupil or three times as much as Utah. Utah’s score for African American students was 546 and 735 for white students. New York’s score for African American Students was 404 and for whites 772.

The state that spent the least amount of dollars per pupil for elementary-secondary education, Utah, had a higher index score for African American students than New York which spent the most. Obviously the amount spent per pupil on education has nothing to do with narrowing the racial gap in index scores.

Something else is going on here affecting these index scores other than the amount spent on education. Perhaps it is poverty levels. Wisconsin’s poverty level is 13.2% with Utah’s being 11.8%. Perhaps it is the single family household rate. Wisconsin’s rate is 7.62% and Utah’s is the lowest in the country at 4.11%. Perhaps it is a combination of a whole bunch of things we do not even know and understand.

But what we do know is that we do not want to make decisions on spending millions more of taxpayer dollars on education based on this report. Sorry Ken Taylor. Sorry Anne Casey Foundation. Let’s change the tune on the juke box. More taxpayer money will not cure every societal problem.



Lincoln Hills

Three articles in the Racine Journal Times within the last week highlighted problems at the Lincoln Hills youth prison in Irma, Wisconsin. In one incident inmates conspired to electrocute a guard. This resulted in no discipline to any inmate. In another incident a teacher required hospitalization after an assault by a much larger inmate. And in yet another incident a female teacher was injured and hospitalized after being punched by an inmate.

The Lincoln Hill guards have been ordered to reduce the use of pepper spray, restraints and solitary by a federal judge because of abuse claims and lawsuits by inmates represented by the ACLU and the Juvenile Law Center. One staff member who recently resigned speaking about the judge’s order said, “I am afraid of getting killed by an inmate.”

Meanwhile the Wisconsin Corrections Secretary, Jon Litscher, said Lincoln Hills, “is a safe place for staff and offenders and we will continue to do the best in programming that will allow these young people to come back to their communities in a respectful and responsible manner.”

Safe? Respectful? Responsible? Those really do not sound like words that should be used by anyone regarding issues at Lincoln Hills. They sound like the words of a bureaucrat trying to defend an out of control situation, a situation made worse by another bureaucrat, the judge, who has probably never been to Lincoln Hills and has no idea how violent these “children” can be.

It is age and age only that determines whether an offender is tried as an adult or a child. There is no consideration given to the crime committed or the damage done to the individuals hurt or killed during the alleged crime. In one Racine incident years ago a young boy named Terrance Simpson who had just turned 11 years old a month earlier shot and killed a man from the roof of the King Community Center. Because he was under 12 years old, he could not be charged with any crime in Wisconsin. As such he was sent to live in group homes from which he walked away. Ultimately at age 16 he was convicted of setting fire to his bed linens at the Racine County Juvenile Detention Center and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

In another case, 13 year old Racine resident, Marquain Shannon was found guilty of the shooting death of 14 year old Dana Giese for flashing rival gang symbols. Shannon being under the age of 14 could not be tried as an adult. As such he could not be incarcerated beyond his 25th birthday. For those people feeling sorry for Shannon (boo hoo – after all he is only a young boy) he had 68 previous contacts with police beginning from the time he was 7. At 13 he was already a seasoned, career criminal.

I do not feel sorry for the boys at Lincoln Hills. I do not feel sorry for Terrance Simpson or for Marquain Shannon. They are exactly where they belong, locked away from the people they could hurt. I feel sorry for their victims.

I do not believe in rehabilitation. I believe in restitution. I think once a person is convicted and locked away they should be made to work off their crimes while incarcerated. I know it is practically impossible to put a monetary value on a persons life in the case of murder but somehow, someway, these criminals must be made to pay for their crimes other than by sitting around a prison yard with other reprobates working out on weight machines getting themselves stronger and meaner for the time they eventually get released.

Instead of prisons, they should be out in the community digging ditches and doing other back breaking menial jobs getting a stipend which will go to their victims until their obligation is fully paid. They do not owe a debt to society. They owe a debt to the individual victims of their violence and fraud.


Zero Tolerance for Students Only

In the 10/18/17 Journal Times it was reported that the Principal of Jefferson Elementary School was placed on a a leave of absence for bringing a knife to school to protect herself. According to the story she opened the knife in the school lobby to show the custodian. When questioned by the police she reportedly said, “I have been trained to use a knife or I would not have one. I have the knife for protection.” Isn’t that nice. But it would have been nicer if she had been fired immediately instead of allowed to take a leave of absence.

That’s what Unified does to its students under their zero tolerance weapons policy. Years ago I remember when a young grade school boy was suspended for several days for bringing expended fireworks to school. Apparently on the way to school he found some already blown up firecrackers on the sidewalk, picked them up as young boys do, put them in his pocket and showed them off to his school friends. No mercy for him.

Another time I remember when a student who had achieved the rank of Eagle Scout was suspended for having a camp ax visible in his car. No mercy for him.

I know of another case when a straight A student who as an actor in the Racine Theater Guild’s production of On The Waterfront, forgot that one of the props needed for practice that night, a nunchucks, was in his backpack. Someone saw it, reported it, and he was immediately suspended just before graduation. No mercy for him either.

In another case I am aware of, an assistant principal at Horlick was advised to wear a bullet proof vest by the police because he had been threatened by a teacher. Was the teacher fired? Nope. He received mercy when they transferred him to Park.

Isn’t it nice to know that we are sending our children to schools in neighborhoods so dangerous that the principals feel a need to carry weapons to protect themselves? Isn’t it nicer to know that our principals and teachers are not held to the same zero tolerance weapons standard as their young charges?

I think Caledonia is right in their bid to break away from Unified and form their own school district. Hope it happens soon! The sooner the better!