A recent report by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign indicated that more than a third of the money contributed by individuals to Governor Scott Walker’s campaign came from out of state. I really do not know what the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is but on their website one of their links is titled, “Trump and Fascism.” They identify themselves as progressive. To me progressive means left of Mao Zedong.

Anyway, nothing new here. People from outside Wisconsin donate to Scott Walker. All candidates for all offices accept outside donations. Do you remember the old saying that, “All politics is local?” Not apparently with contributions to political campaigns though. I believe I once read that former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold received 60% of his individual contributions from outside the state during one campaign. And Feingold was the co-leader of the push for campaign finance reform along with John McCain. Apparently he did not practice what he preached. Isn’t that called hypocrisy?

Is there a way to limit outside money in local elections, state elections, and federal elections?

Years ago I came up with my personal campaign finance proposal that I dubbed LIVS. It stands for Local, Individual, Voluntary, and Small. I believe that in any election, contributions should be allowed only from within the district holding an election. For instance in an election for Racine City Mayor, political contributions should be allowed only from individuals residing in the City of Racine. In an election for the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin, contributions should be allowed only from individual citizen residents of the 1st Congressional District. A presidential candidate could receive contributions from US citizens only. And so on.

All contributions to political campaigns should only come from Individuals. No corporations, no PAC’s, no unions, etc., should ever be allowed to contribute.

All contributions should be Voluntary. No forced contributions should ever be allowed via portions of union dues, membership fees, taxes, etc. When forced to contribute we are forcing those contributing to fund candidates and issues they may not agree with.

Maximum allowable contributions should be Small. The maximum contribution allowed should be set small enough so that anyone can contribute the max if he/she so desires.

This plan would disrupt the influence of money on political campaigns. It would force the candidates to appeal to the people instead of to large campaign donors. This plan would eliminate the influence that large contributors now receive from their donations. It would totally eliminate, not limit, outside contributions to local elections. Why should someone living in California (Barbara Streisand contributed to Feingold) be allowed to affect an election in Wisconsin?

Political candidates should never be allowed to accept money from outside the district office they are running for. The political process LIVS if this reform is enacted.



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