In a recent letter to the editor of the Racine Journal Times, Frank Egerton, PhD and retired History professor at Parkside and anti gun crusader, wrote the letter below. I responded. He responded. Etc. The thread follows:

What more can be said about gun control? Just this: 5 million NRA members, having limited education, vote as NRA tells them. However, they are victims of phony baloney propaganda.

NRA says any new gun laws would be steps on the slippery slope of government seizing all private guns. In the first place, seizing all of them would be impossible, and no politician is stupid enough to think otherwise. NRA says further that private guns prevent a tyrannical government from coming to power. For such a tyrannical plot to work, would-be tyrant would have to have police and armed forces taking orders to end American democracy. Probably most NRA members are veterans. How can they believe such forces would take orders to destroy their own democracy? Every politician knows this. It is time for NRA members to learn it.

NRA members need to find a less biased authority to tell them how to vote than Wayne La Pierre.

Frank N. Egerton

My response:

I certainly expect more from a PhD in History than using grade school stereotypes to categorize the 5 million members of the NRA when in the 11/14 Journal Times Frank Egerton said they have “…limited education.” Shame on him.

Was John F Kennedy of limited education? How about the other 8 Presidents who have been members? How about John Lott, PhD in economics who has taught at Yale and the University of Chicago? How about Dr Ben Carson? How about all the other Doctors and lawyers and judges who are members?

The NRA membership is vastly representative of the US population in general. All occupations, races, genders and education levels are represented. There is no prototypical NRA member.

Mr Egerton may have earned a PhD in history but he has earned an F when it comes to understanding the membership makeup of the NRA.

David Kristopeit

His response:

In my book (which I may finish this year) I explain that politicians join NRA as part of their qualifications for office.  As best I can see, they have no impact on NRA policy, and they do not let NRA tell  them how to vote.


My response:

Have you seen the list of the BOD for the NRA – those that influence policy? It includes 4 or 5 doctors, full professors, former state and federal legislators, businessmen, actors, musicians, and civil rights leaders like Roy Innis. Are these the people of limited education you are talking about? No one joins the NRA to qualify for office. It is silly for you to say so. And it is absolutely appalling to think that a man of your education would so stereotypically categorize NRA membership….Dave


His response:

If well-educated members had influence on NRA, it would not propagate such phony baloney, which anyone should be able to identify as such.


PS What about the substance of my letter?


My final response:

The substance of your letter? Which part? The part where you say that the NRA claims that the 2nd amendment prevents a tyrannical government from coming to power? Actually our founding fathers were the first to say that. Not the NRA.
Or the part where you claim that most NRA members are veterans? Please cite your source. Because the NRA does not gather that information in its membership application. We do know however that only 23% of our board members are vets.
Mr Egerton, whatever “Substance” you had in your letter was destroyed by your stereotyping NRA membership as stupid robots who do as they are told. There is no substance after that.


And so it goes. He is a controller. He wants all people to get in line with his politically correct opinion. And he wants the force of government behind him to threaten, to tax, – at the hand of the military – to demand that all robots obey and give up their guns. “Can’t we just all get along?”

Will you obey? “Dave. Dave. Is that you?”, says HAL. But I say, “Dave’s not here man!”


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