A word of caution to all of the voters in the Racine area, the announcement made by twenty-six year old Greta Neubauer to seek the Assembly seat of Cory Mason leads me to believe that Racine could be on the verge of establishing a political dynasty akin to the Clinton’s. In addition to being a protégé of Cory Mason, Greta Neubauer is the daughter of former state representative Jeff Neubauer and Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Neubauer who was appointed by Jim Doyle in 2007.

My thinking is that if Greta would be successful in winning Mason’s Assembly seat, it would be a way for Mason to remain connected with state government and apply his influence in Madison while being the mayor of Racine. This should be the concern of everyone in the 66th Assembly District. Greta already seems to be echoing Mason’s issues and programs, primarily strengthening schools and increasing employment. However, democrats usually are a “day late and a dollar short” when it comes to initiating and working on issues that will benefit their constituents. Governor Walker continues to succeed in these areas and it appears that Greta is willing to take the credit similarly to Cory Mason and other area democrats.

Another concern that voters need to be aware of is how much influence her parents might have over Greta’s decision making as she works as a state representative. As I recall, Jeff Neubauer had a lackluster political career, but with his daughter in state government, the opportunity for political influence exists.

Is this the kind of representative government that voters of Racine want to have or even deserve?

Jim Sisak


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