In the 10/18/17 Journal Times it was reported that the Principal of Jefferson Elementary School was placed on a a leave of absence for bringing a knife to school to protect herself. According to the story she opened the knife in the school lobby to show the custodian. When questioned by the police she reportedly said, “I have been trained to use a knife or I would not have one. I have the knife for protection.” Isn’t that nice. But it would have been nicer if she had been fired immediately instead of allowed to take a leave of absence.

That’s what Unified does to its students under their zero tolerance weapons policy. Years ago I remember when a young grade school boy was suspended for several days for bringing expended fireworks to school. Apparently on the way to school he found some already blown up firecrackers on the sidewalk, picked them up as young boys do, put them in his pocket and showed them off to his school friends. No mercy for him.

Another time I remember when a student who had achieved the rank of Eagle Scout was suspended for having a camp ax visible in his car. No mercy for him.

I know of another case when a straight A student who as an actor in the Racine Theater Guild’s production of On The Waterfront, forgot that one of the props needed for practice that night, a nunchucks, was in his backpack. Someone saw it, reported it, and he was immediately suspended just before graduation. No mercy for him either.

In another case I am aware of, an assistant principal at Horlick was advised to wear a bullet proof vest by the police because he had been threatened by a teacher. Was the teacher fired? Nope. He received mercy when they transferred him to Park.

Isn’t it nice to know that we are sending our children to schools in neighborhoods so dangerous that the principals feel a need to carry weapons to protect themselves? Isn’t it nicer to know that our principals and teachers are not held to the same zero tolerance weapons standard as their young charges?

I think Caledonia is right in their bid to break away from Unified and form their own school district. Hope it happens soon! The sooner the better!


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