Last weekends massacre in Las Vegas has resulted in increased calls for new gun control laws especially the banning of bump fire stocks which were used by the deranged assailant. Bump fire stocks are legal. Basically they are spring operated trigger assists. Using one on a semi automatic weapon, which typically has a maximum fire rate of about 120 rounds per minute, will give it a fire rate almost equivalent to a fully automatic machine gun of about 800 rounds per minute. However no assault rifle available to civilians can sustain a fire rate that high for very long.

Firstly it would have to be belt fed. If not belt fed, the weapon would have to be reloaded after firing 20 or 30 rounds from a high capacity magazine. Reloading with another high capacity magazine even by a seasoned gun handler takes a second or two. At a rate of 800 rounds per minute, the gun fires 30 rounds every 2.5 seconds. So reloading takes almost as long as the actual shooting, effectively cutting your fire rate in half.

Secondly even if you could fire 800 rounds per minute, after a couple minutes the barrel would be so hot as to make the weapon useless. A high powered bolt action rifle with a good scope is much more effective. No one has suggested banning them.

NO! Bump fire stocks are not the problem. Most people, even most politicians, had never even heard of bump fire stocks until this last weekend. Even if they were against the law, by definition, anyone who would commit a crime like the atrocity in Las Vegas, will not obey the law – any law! CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW! They only obey force.

A friend of mine, Nathan Barton, who writes for a blog called, “The Price of Liberty”, has said that, “It is always appropriate to answer calls for disarmament by making it clear that our right to keep and bear arms is never on the table.” I agree with that. No compromise.

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