In today’s, 10/9/17, Journal Times, on page A5, there is a political ad by Corey Mason which says he wants to be open and honest with his political ads – no tricks. Then he proceeds to endorse the concept of a living wage of $15/hour espoused by Bernie Sanders, a self described socialist. Yup – that is what Racine needs – a socialist mayor. I don’t think so!

No – what Racine needs is a way to lure businesses like Foxconn to locate within our city limits. We certainly have lots of developable property; Machinery Row, the Walker lot, Steel Castings, etc. How about reduced property taxes for 10 years based on the number of jobs created and wages paid to any company locating here? Those vacant properties are not bringing in any property taxes right now anyway. Let’s fill up those dilapidated, ugly sites with bright new developments that create jobs.

For every job created in the tradable sector of the economy, another job is created in the non-tradable sector. By luring a company that will bring 1000 jobs in the tradeable sector, we are creating another 1000. The tradeable sector is that which produces a product which could be traded internationally. Local examples are SC Johnson, JI Case and the new Foxconn development. The non-tradeable sector is everything else that can not be traded such as electricity, restaurants, hotels, real estate, private and public services etc.

The workers in these jobs will spend and invest their money locally. They will buy houses and shop for clothing, groceries and other necessities. And as employees become scarce because everyone that wants to work is working, simple supply and demand will take over. Wages will rise as expected and will exceed any arbitrarily set minimum wage.

No – Racine does not need a socialist Mayor. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other peoples money.”

Say NO to socialism. Say no to Corey Mason.



One thought on “Corey’s Story – Vol. 2

  1. If Mason should be elected, Cory’s story would be a tale of woe for Racine. As I have written before in other venues, Cory Mason has absolutely no concept of labor economics. You have defined Cory well in your recent article.


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