The following blog is from James Sisak.

In the hope of winning votes in next year’s gubernatorial election, Wisconsin Democratic legislators wasted no time after last Sunday’s horrific Las Vegas mass shooting to mount a strong push for new and more restrictive gun laws. Even though their reaction did not take long to materialize, their echoed arguments continue to blame inanimate objects for such human destruction and call for the elimination of our Second Amendment rights.

What the democrats and their media cohorts fail to address are the root causes of the problem such as societal decay, single parenthood, failing educational systems, moral depravation, and other societal evils. What the democrats will not admit is that their idiotic policies have contributed to these root causes.

There is no current gun law legislation or any proposed legislation for that matter that could have prevented the massacre in Las Vegas. Sadly, this thinking is foolish on their part and their constant mantra will continue to identify them as a political party that is void of viable solutions until the root causes have been corrected.

Jim Sisak


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