Catalonia, a region is Spain which includes Barcelona, recently held a referendum on declaring independence from the mother country. I am not sure what all the complaints are but it really does not matter. All people everywhere have the right to determine how to be governed and by whom. Our Declaration says so. It is woven into the fabric of American life. Not so apparently in Spain.

During the election the national police showed up in force armed with truncheons and rubber bullets, confiscated ballot boxes, and were photographed,  “…dragging people out of polling stations by the hair, throwing some down stairs, kicking them and pushing them to the ground.” 800 Spanish citizens were injured by their own police. All this because some judge ordered the referendum stopped after the Spanish government declared it illegal and unconstitutional.

You know, it all sounds pretty familiar – circa 1776. It happened here once. It has happened in lots of places, this being the number one reason our founders saw fit to include a right to bear arms in our Bill Of Rights, to protect individuals from their own governments abuse of power and encroachment of individual liberty. Could it happen here again? Possibly. Especially if we the people allow those who would strip the us of our right to defend our persons, property and families with appropriate firearms, get their way

In Spain it is pretty much illegal for the average citizen to possess firearms. It is the responsibility of the state police force to provide protection for the citizenry. They are not expected to protect themselves. In fact the Spanish Law on Private Security provides that the security of the population is guaranteed by the public authorities. Sounds to me like someone is trying to sell water to a walleye.

So back to my question, can this happen here? Or should I ask can it happen here again? Not with an armed, vigilant citizenry ready to defend their rights to self determination. Next question. Are we ready?


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