Even though I do not live in the city limits, I have been following the special Mayoral election campaign. I noticed in today’s Journal Times that there were several Letters to the Editor in support of Corey Mason. There were so many that one might think it was an organized letter writing campaign. The Journal can publish what they want. And leave out what they don’t. Whatever!

In one it was mentioned that over 20 local unions endorse his candidacy. That’s all fine and good but are you city residents voting for a union or for a Mayor? If I was going to support a candidate based on any endorsement, I would have to know what the agenda of the endorsing group is. I would also have to know if the endorsing group interviewed both candidates for the position or if they chose whom they will endorse based only on political affiliation and not on the candidates platform. Another thing I would need to know is what percentage of the membership of the group voted to endorse the candidate. I could never support any candidate based simply on endorsements he or she has received. Endorsements mean nothing without knowing more.

I also noticed in the Letters column that one writer suggested Mason will create jobs. No politician ever, anywhere, at any time, has ever created a job – not even one. Jobs are created by private investment. Politicians can create a climate of cooperation between their community and potential entrepreneurs which can encourage job creation. But ultimately it is private investment that creates jobs.

Racine Residents – Please consider your choices well. Study the candidates platforms. Attend rally’s. Ask questions. Think before you vote. Do not base your vote simply on endorsements one of the candidates has received.


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