Joseph Jakuboski, a Wisconsin man, was convicted today of robbing a Janeville, WI gun shop of weapons and silencers. A nation wide manhunt was organized costing taxpayers untold wealth, to find this madman. After convicting Jakuboski, the foreman of the Jury was quoted as saying, “I don’t know why we are here. Jakuboski confessed to stealing the weapons and sending a rambling manifesto to President Trump. His attorney agreed. It is all a waste of time.”

Dats a fact Jack! Aren’t most legal proceedings a waste of time? Don’t we usually know who is guilty and who is innocent before the fact? Hillary was guilty. Put her in Jail. So was her husband. Lock him up. And Nixon. And so also all the Illinois politicians like George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and Dan Rostenkowski. And so was Ted Kennedy, and HR Haldeman and Charles Colson and so on and so on and so on. When you come right down to it, are there any honest politicians? Throw them all in jail.

Why do we need a trial anyway?

I personally would never give up our system of trial by a Jury of our peers. Only through trial can a legal system wrought with corrupt politicians having greed as a motive be beaten by the average man on the street. There is a concept in Western law called Jury Nullification in which a Jury in spite of any instructions from the Judge to the contrary, can nullify any law, find any man innocent for any reason, without any possible consequences to themselves. The Judge can do nothing about it. And once found innocent, no man can be tried again.

But our Judges are reluctant to instruct Jurors about the power they possess to rid our country of bad law. Why? I think it is obvious. Judges as part of the system protect their power. Every person in government wants power – power to tax, power to control, power to limit private initiative, power to limit what a man can do with his own lawfully acquired property. Take this power away and he becomes a common man. Pity the poor Judge. He ends up just like us.

If anyone reading this post ever serves on a jury, please remember the concept of Jury Nullification. Serve with honor. Serve with pride. And please remember you as a Juror have the ultimate power, the power to judge the law, the facts, the evidence, EVERYTHING!

For information about your rights as a Juror, please visit




One thought on “Our Incompetent Legal System

  1. Excellent post! Citizens need to reign in the liberal judges who give hardened criminals soft sentences. In addition to voting out sympathetic judges, jury nullification is another tool that can be used to return our judicial system back to “we the people.”


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