I don’t understand the hoopla about the NFL players who refuse to stand hand over heart for the National Anthem. I respect the flag. I personally stand for the Anthem. I know what it represents. Thousands upon thousands of men and women died to protect its ideals since 1776. My dad fought in WW2. I have friends, classmates and relatives who died or were injured in Vietnam.

But this is about free speech as far as I see. You cannot have it both ways. If you have a right to your opinion, these players must have a right to theirs. No where is it written that anyone has to stand for the Anthem. No court has ever ruled that we must stand. It is not in the Constitution nor Bill of Rights. Nor in any founding documents. It is tradition.

And then there is the risk that attacking this practice will give it a voice in the media and public eye. That is exactly what has happened in this case and now this practice which probably would have disappeared by now for lack of participation, is getting bigger and bigger. Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay QB, has asked all fans, at Thursday nights game against the rival Bears, to stand and lock arms in a show of unity. I like Aaron Rodgers but I wish he would stick to football.

The best we can do to these fans and players that refuse to stand is to ignore them. Don’t give them a leg to stand on. Pun intended.



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