Today’s 9/26/17 Journal Times is reporting that a county sales tax increase is being considered as part of the way to finance the potential Foxconn location in Racine County. According to Robin Vos’s office, the ability to increase the sales tax was requested by local officials as a way to offset the required investment they will need to make in infrastructure costs.

Any tax is objectionable, this one particularly so. Foxconn is one of the world’s most valuable companies. They employ over 1.3 million people worldwide. Their founder, Terry Gou, is one of the world’s richest men. As part of the deal Scott Walker and the legislature made to lure Foxconn to SE Wisconsin, they were given sales tax exemptions of up to $150 million for investments in construction materials for the factory. Foxconn gets sales tax breaks while SE Wisconsin residents get a back breaking sales tax!

I am in favor of Foxconn coming to SE Wisconsin. It will once again make SE Wisconsin a manufacturing powerhouse. It will lure other industries. People will be relocating to SE Wisconsin to live and work near their jobs which will increase the value of our homes. This increase in home value should generate more than enough additional property tax revenue to offset any sales tax loss and infrastructure improvement costs.

This increase in sales tax being considered by local officials must be fought. Contact your local County Board member to tell him or her you are opposed to any additional sales taxes.




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