The Racinian will be my attempt to offer an alternative to the Racine Journal Times Letters to the Editor column. In the past I have contributed hundreds of Letters to the Editor. While they did not allow open hostility in their column, they allowed the authors a way to express their opinions about just about everything happening on the local, state and national scenes with very few rules and limited editing. That has changed recently. For instance I submitted a letter a while back criticizing the Journal Times for their front page headline and story of the day. It follows:

“The front page headline in the June 26 Journal Times proclaimed in very large typeface, ‘This is who I am.’ It was a story about the man who ran against Paul Ryan in the last congressional election cycle. After the election Ryan Solen who said he had gender disorder his entire life, underwent the process of becoming Rebecca Solen.”

“I have no professional training or education in journalism. But it seems to me that the lead story front page headline should be a story of interest and importance to the vast majority of the readers of the publication in question. As far as I can determine only .6 percent of the American public identify as transgender. My guess is that the Racine transgender population is much less than that. ”

“Newspapers continue to wonder why their circulation is declining. They wonder why they are perceived as irrelevant to the communities they serve. The reason is that THEY ARE IRRELEVANT to the vast majority of their readers! This particular story was irrelevant to the vast majority of Journal Times readers. If it wasn’t good for lining the birdcage and clipping coupons, most of us would have no reason to subscribe at all.”

This letter was not allowed. When I called to ask why they said it would be insensitive to the person the story was about. In other words I was politically incorrect. So I patiently explained that my letter was not even about this persons life style choices. It was about the Journal Times handling of the story on the front page.

Here is another submission that was not accepted:

According to the Journal Times, a three judge Federal panel recently upheld a lower court ruling that a biological girl may use the boys bathroom in a Kenosha school.”

The student says that this ruling will allow her to be, “…a typical senior in high school and to focus on my classes, after-school activities, applying to college, and building lasting friendships.”

Really! Do most senior girls really want to use the boys bathroom these days? If so, just think how much money taxpayers will save by building schools with unisex bathrooms and locker rooms.

The court said that the harm being done to this student far outweighs any potential harm to other boy students who don’t want this girl using their restroom.

Harm? Really? You must be kidding. What harm can come from urinating in the bathroom of her biologic sex?

Before she urinates with the boys, I think she should urinate like the boys!

Again I was told that my letter was insensitive. I did not bring this girls issue to the public attention nor did I bring Ryan Solen’s sex change to the public attention. The Journal Times did. But they would not let me express my opinion about their stories. Ergo – this blog.
If you have an opinion you would like to share with my readers please send it to me at If it is politically insensitive – I will publish it anyway as long as it is well written and is not vulgar.
This is my first attempt at a blog. Not sure how it is going to work or whether I will be able to come up with enough stories to keep it going and interesting. Let me know what you think.

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